Bergman Sleipner

Bergman Sleipner


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The reference model. The turntable with the bearingless floating platter. The bearing is the «heart» in all turntable constructions – and the Achilles. Achilles because in a traditional bearing, the weight of the platter causes enormous pressure on the bearing – and hereby generate mechanical noise. The «heart» of Sleipner is both supported and centred by air. Simply the 9,2kg. platter is floating: No mechanical contact – no bearing noise! Sleipner is available with vacuum hold down.
The name Sleipner.
In the Nordic Mythology, Sleipner is the magical eightlegged steed, and the first of all horses. His name means smooth or gliding. Loki, who gave birth to Sleipner, gave this eight-legged steed to Odin, the supreme of the Nordic Gods, telling him that the horse was the swiftest on earth – and could bear Odin over sea and through the air.

Spesifikasjoner Verdier
Turntable Airbearing design.
Vacuum hold down or clamp.
High precision digital controlled DC motor. Beltdriven.
Plint Outer layer in 12mm Polyvinyl. Painted and handpolished.
Inner part is a 6 layer sandwich construction, in different materials for optimum resonance control:
3 layers (boards) of powdered granite/epoxy binding material.
2 layers of aluminium.
1 layer of bitumen.
Tallerken Aluminium platter supported and centred by air.
Bearing/airsupply creates a thin airfilm, both vertical and horizontal,between platter and bearing- no mechanical noise- no friction.
Platter weight: 9,2kg.
Føtter Adjustable feet. Aluminium/ceraball construction
Platematte 21mm, 3 layer construction:
2 layers of polycarbonate.
1 layer of acryllic


Linear tracking airbearing Tonearm.
Carbon armtube and headshell, molded in one piece, for optimum stifness.
Armtube damped inside.
Counter weight decoupled from armtube.
Internal tonearm wire in pure Silver.
Argento XLR pure Silver connectors, or WBT Nextgen RCA Silver connectors
Adjustable in all angles.
Motor High precision digital controlled DC motor, with hallsensor and encoder.
Supported by a very stable and oversized power supply.
33 & 45rpm. Finetuning by microprocessor controlled pushbuttons.
Vekt 45 Kg
Størrelse platespiller 400 x 495 x 230 (D x W x H).
Pris Kr 323.995.-