Bergmann Sindre

Bergmann Sindre


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Bergmann Sindre

Bergmann Sindre is a traditional airbearing turntable / airbearing tonearm combination. The platter floats on a thin air film centered by a spindle, and mounted with a linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Sindre is extremely simple to adjust and operate. The air supply is so noiseless that it can be placed in the listening room.

«I need to mention one more aspect of the Bergmann sound that makes it different from any other turntable- presentation of the space.
Sindre’s placement of the instruments on the stage in the space is  just… perfect – you could`nt wish for more.  

-High Fidelity

Spesifikasjoner Verdier
Turntable Airsupported platter, centred by a steel spindle/hardweared low friction polymer bearing. DC motor. Beltdriven
Plint Solid fibre board.
Tallerken Acryl, 4 kg
Subtalerken Aluminium, 3,2 kg.
Chassis CNC skåret aluminium i sandwich med akryl
Tonarm  Linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Hard aluminium alloy/carbon
Motor Seperate, 33 & 45 rpm. Vekt 8,3 Kg; Størrelse: 415 x 210 x 220 (D x W x H)
Vekt 23 Kg
Størrelse platespiller 475 x 500 x 210 (D x W x H)
Pris Kr 137.995.-