Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend

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Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend


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Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend

Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend

We are very excited about our new Legend pre-amp that is now available! It looks like the SL1 Ultimate Pre-amp and does have a separate power supply. It has dual-mono 46 position switches, a built in moving coil cartridge, thick milled chassis and faceplate, Black Gate capacitors, and Teflon circuit boards.

It has a «High/Low» gain selector for the line stage. Sometimes the gain of the SL1 (26 dB) is too high for high efficiency speakers so the low gain position has 14 dB less gain (and 14 dB less noise).  Another feature is that it has an A/V (audio/video) special output.  This output is directly connected to the A/V input in Line 1 when the pre-amplifier is turned off – thereby allowing playing the A/V system with the pre-amp off.  Great saving for tube life – the children can play the A/V system all day and they do not use the tubes at all!

Of course there is also a normal output which simply goes off when the pre-amp is turned off.  Another great feature is that we have a built in MC transformer which can be switched in and out by the user. This is a very widebandwidth unit – over 200K Hz.  We have done this differently than anybody else. The transformer has 12 dB of gain rather than 20 dB or more like other MC stepup transformers. The advantage this gives is that it presents a 3,000 ohm load to the cartridge which allows the cartridge to sound just like it is driving a 47K ohm load (3,000 ohms is irrelevant to a MC cartridge).

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