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May we introduce:    Adjust+

Being a vinyl addict you have spent a lot of money for your records. No doubt you want to listen to them at the best level possible. And no doubt you have set up your turntable with a Protractor so that overhang and offset is adjusted correctly. Do you think this is all you can do and everything is fine or is there any doubt?

Correct azimuth (HTA) is necessary to have a proper geometrical position of the stylus – and with it the coils of the generator – to track the grooves of your records. As a result you get a minimized crosstalk and it is set to be consistent on both channels. Still you think this can be done by putting the cartridge in an upright position? Unfortunately this is correct only in very few cases. Doing so you run into risk to have a misalignment resulting in higher stylus wear, worse sound reproduction and higher wear on your records!


This is where Adjust+ starts its work. You can find the correct position of azimuth in very short time resulting in a wider, better focussed soundstage and imaging. The sound is richer in timbre and dynamics, everything is more relaxed. Resolution is extended and microdynamics is impoved.


The optimal Azimuth can be found reliably using a systematic analysis of the values of level and phase angle of the crosstalk signal against different azimuth settings.

   Azimuth Graphs

But this is not the complete functionality you get. You can also measure dynamically using Pink Noise to see how your cartridge reacts under complex signals. Additionally you can measure the frequency response of your cartridge/phono-stage with Pink Noise (dynamic) or with a sine-wave sweep (static). In both cases also in left or right channel only mode.

  frequency response

Setting up turntable speed now is an easy task as you don’t need to use inaccurate strobe discs. Simply use Adjust+ and enjoy additional benefit from the built-in wow&flutter analyzer! Now you can test how good your turntable spins your discs….


Another feature is the fres task. You can measure the resonance frequency of your cartridge/tonearm combination, something very, very rarely found nowadays. Adjust+ helps you to see if your chosen combination works in the recommended range of 8-12 Hertz. Well, and if you are not sure if you have additional resonances in your tonearm resulting from tracking you can measure in the range from 30 to 500 Hertz and see…..

  resonance frequence




Using the «Pro» version, you have the possibility to capture and analyze wow and flutter statistically and graphically. 

Last but not least, using the «Pro»,  you can measure THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).


Adjust+ is able to generate PDF documents directly of your results without Adobe Acrobat® installed. You can archive reports and share your results with other users. Adjust+ comes with its own test record pressed in 180 gramm HQ vinyl in germany.

  frequency report


Adjust+ can be run on your Windows®-computer making use of the onboard HD-audio interface. For best results we strongly recommend using an external USB 2.0 soundcard. On MacOS® you can run Adjust+ under VMware Fusion® using an external USB audio interface. You get a large bundle of functions that even extend the functionality of the legendary standalone TC3000 computer of Ortofon® at a fraction of the cost! Adjust+ Home retails for Euro 249.-. Adjust+ Pro will offer extended functionality for laboratory and quality control. 

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