Quadraspire LP Qube

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Quadraspire LP Qube


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The LP Qube is a brilliant solution to all your LP Storage needs. Each Qube can hold up to 150 LPs with glass dividers providing good protection and optional glass doors to keep them dust free.

The HiFi Qube, is a performance Hi-Fi Cabinet that can house your hifi & av components discreetly whilst enhancing your system both sonically and visually. It can also be connected to both the CD & LP Qube to create a media wall. Glass doors, adjustable feet & castors are available as optional extras. Not only is this ideal for hifi but a great compact TV Cabinet.


  • Qube CD external 520mm (20 1/2”) x 520mm (20 1/2”)
    x 200mm (8”) / internal 490mm (19”) x 490mm (19”)
    x 160mm (6 1/2”)
  • Qube LP external 520mm (20 1/2”) x 360mm (14”)
    x 360mm (14”) / internal 490mm (19”) x 330mm (13”)
    x 320mm (12 1/2”)
  • Qube Hifi external 520mm (20 1/2”) x 520mm (20 1/2”)
    x 520mm (20 1/2”) / internal 490mm (19”) x 490mm (19”)
    x 480mm (19”)
  • Qube finishes : Cherry, Maple, Oak, Dark Oak (Wenger)
    & Black 
  • Optional extras : Adjustable plinth & glass doors