Taralabs Apollo Extreme Biwire

Taralabs Apollo Extreme Biwire


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The new Apollo Extreme speaker cables features four 14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductors paths consisting of SA-OF8N “Pressure group” solid core conductors. Each of the conductor runs is extruded with a thin layer of SVPE primary dielectric material. The Apollo Extreme offers twice the conductors of our standard Apollo speaker cables. *Also included is our specialized BSM (banana-spade module) which enables the user to “switch” out and use either spades or banana terminations. This is extremely beneficial for audiophiles who switch out or buy new components. The ability to use both bananas & spades is far superior to the older styled soldered permanent terminations.
The Apollo Extreme speaker cable is also available as either a stereo or bi-wire speaker cable model.

  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • 14 gauge LF & HF conductor runs
  • Frequency-tuned “pressure stranded” SA-OF8N copper conductor
  • Extruded SVPE primary dielectric material
  • Transparent, with high-frequency extension and spatial cues
  • Live & natural sound, that is completely neutral
  • Smooth high, increased clarity with full mid-range & bass
  • Custom hand-crafted in USA, and lifetime guaranteed

Kablene leveres i standardlengde 2,4 meter (8″), andre lengder tas på bestilling ved kontakt med oss. Pris pr ekstra fot (30cm) er da kr 700,-